Every event I play, if it's a party of current hits or rare grooves, I always strive to bring something original to it. Including dropping some of my latest remixes. From my first mix tapes to my latest award winning remixes,
enjoy them for free to stream or download below. - DJ Brett

DJ Brett's Latest



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Created for Steve The Bunny's Bash, enjoy my 6 hour mix of Chicago boystown style funky beats & 80's & disco classics.

DJ Brett brings you a 3 hour summer mix of sounds to lift your spirit to.

I saw them when I was 14 & I got to see them again recently at 45.  R&B at it's best. Enjoy my mixtape of New Edition classics and rarities.



DJ BRETT moves to Chicago. Inspired by the midwest sound, he creates some new funky tracks for you to bump to. 

DJ Brett remixes this E.P. as he spends a summer spinning in Texas.   *The following mixtape contains some remixes by other artists.

DJ Brett drops a summer album to bounce to in Venice Beach, California.   *The following mixtape contains some remixes by other artists.

DJ Brett, inspired by giant hearts of the people of The Love Army, creates this uplifting fun Album as he prepares for a cross country journey out of Los Angeles.   *The following 'mixtape' contains some remixes by other artists.

"Every holiday all I hear are the same 30 Christmas songs everywhere over and over and over. I wanted to create something different, something funkier, something not only Christmas but Chanukah influenced... something we all can jam the season away to." - DJ Brett   *The following 'mixtape' contains some remixes by other artists.