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Join The Fight! Support Chicago Teachers! - See the hilarious video 50k fans have already shared!

I started Team Love Army to use comedy to help people in need. (www.teamlovearmy.com)
As a frequent school fundraiser host, I've been appalled by the desperation in the eyes of the teachers, by the absurdity of having to raise funds to provide for the most basic educational needs.

We made this satirical short film to support our teachers in their fight for proper funding to better care for our children. I couldn't be more proud that it's helping make some noise here in Chicago. Enjoy the funny & please support your local educators!

The (Im)Possible 5 Minute Truck Sukkah

Follow the journey of Rabbi Menachem Posner as he builds a Sukkah on the back of a truck! Brett directed, edited, and produced this sweet fun film for Chabad.org.

Flight Attendants - Brett Walkow

Brett's latest standup funny about the ridiculous of airlines!

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